At Movati Athletic, we do group fitness or as we like to call it “studio fitness”- like nobody else. In fact, with some locations featuring over 150 classes each and every week, we offer the largest number and range of professionally-instructed regularly-scheduled studio fitness classes.

And it’s all included in your membership.

Whether you’re already an avid enthusiast of an activity or you’re just starting to get into it, you can find the class that’s the perfect fit for your experience and fitness level. Most of our classes are offered in four categories: everybody, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Click a section title below to see descriptions of our wide variety of studio fitness classes or download our Group Fitness PDF.

Anti-gravity® Pilates (E)

Anti-gravity® Pilates is the newest suspension training program from Anti-gravity® Fitness. This certified technique allows participants to perform Classical and Contemporary Pilates exercises from the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac,and Ladder Barrel – all on the Anti-gravity® Hammock!

Anti-Gravity® Restorative (E)

Positioning your hammock 9 inches off the floor, in 60 minutes you will restore and re-balance body, mind and spirit. The weightlessness of your body provided by the hammock will deeply open your entire spine, hip girdle, shoulder sockets and more.

Anti-Gravity® Yoga, Level 1&2 (E)

Come hang out with us, literally! This yoga/muscle/cardio/core class has it all! Enjoy simple (level 1) and challenging (level 2) inversions using the support of your Anti-Gravity® hammock. We have exclusivity of this amazing new program in each city our clubs are located.


Body Art (E)

This is a yoga based class with a very unique flow of yoga/core/muscle/cardio/dance with physiotherapy to create a healthier body. We are the only club in Canada to offer this class!

Movati Drums (E)

Movati Drums is a 45-60 minute cardio/core jam session combining great music, good cardio segments with simulated drumming on a ballast ball! Come drum your way to a leaner physique, all while rocking out to your favourite music!

Movati Mobility (E)

This class will educate participants on the best ways to move as it targets range of motion limitations and helps to reduce pain in the body. Through a wide variety of techniques participants will be given strategies to improve range of motion, to work through soft tissue limitations and ways to reduce pain that can often accumulate in soft tissue as a result of improper movement patterns in sports and over a lifetime.

Movati Physique (E)

Movati Physique is a ballet based, total body muscular conditioning class with an emphasis on the lower body. Using weights, playground ball and the barre it is sure to leave you energized and strengthened.

Pop Dance Party (E)

This fun class has favorite dance hits that you love now and have loved over the years, each song has its own unique routine that is easy to follow. You’ll be twisting, grinding, bumping and grooving. Bring your energy and meet us on the dance floor!

The Design Method (E)

This class is an innovative approach that involves empowering the small muscle groups with unique body weight exercises and dance components. This program has been featured in many reputable magazines and is practiced by many Hollywood stars!

Yoga Tune Up (E)

A unique program created by Jill Miller. It uses a distinctive set of exercises, poses and specialized techniques to strengthen, open and balance the body. It blends Yoga, human movement and physical therapy techniques to massage, stretch and strengthen the body. It is a great adjunct to any regular asana practice.

Zenergy Cycle (E)

Zenergy Cycle is a full body cycling class (Muscle/Abs while cycling), done in a candlelight setting with amazing playlists that make you forget you’re pedaling! MIND-BODY-CARDIO.

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

Beginner’s Yoga (B)

This class takes participants through beginner accessible poses and teaches the basic principles of the yoga practice.

Foundations Yoga (E)

This class helps build the foundations of the practice. Often taking the time to break down the more commonly used postures to teach their proper alignment principles for a safer and stronger practice.

Gentle Yoga (E)

A gentle practice that offers the opportunity to easy into practice and enjoy comfort in all of the poses. Great for everyone!

Kundalini Yoga (E)

A system of yoga devised by Yogi Bhajan. A system of yoga postures that places a strong focus on breath control and meditation.

Power Yoga (I)

A strong sequence that is intended to both increase strength and flexibility. These classes build upper and lower body strength and are challenging for all levels. Experience and a strong foundation of practice is preferred.

Restorative Yoga (E)

A quieting, supportive, and deeply nourishing practice, poses are done by lying passively over props such as bolsters and blocks. Designed to release tension and unlock holding patterns in the body with the support of props. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga/Hatha Yoga (E)

A mind-body-breath experience that deepens participants awareness of their bodies and minds through their connection to the breath. The practice’s intention is to prepare students to sit in stillness and meditate.

Yoga and Meditation (E)

An integrated class that takes the time to meditate at the end of the practice. Classes are deliberately sequenced to prepare practitioners to sit and enjoy the fruits of their practice.

Yogalates (E)

A combination of yoga and pilates, with a strong emphasis on core strengthening.

Vinyasa Yoga (I)

A flowing sequence of postures linked together by the breath. A stronger practice that is best for students who already have a basic understanding of the foundational postures. Some experience required.

Yin Yoga (E)

A slow paced, long hold posture practice. It focuses on releasing and relaxing into postures. Suitable for all levels.

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

Belly Dancing (E)

Tone and tighten your mid-section with sexy, hip-swaying dance moves. Relax the mind and free the body. You will be a true “hip cat” before you know it.

Hip Hop (E)

This class is a must!!! Learn new & old school hip hop moves that are choreographed to the latest beats.

Movin’ to Music (E)

A class designed for participants who prefer a more gentle form of cardio. Perfect for senior, arthritis sufferers or anyone who likes a slower-paced workout.

Zumba (E)

A Latin inspired dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements. It’s fun, easy and effective! A great cardiovascular workout.

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

Cycle (E)

Taught on a stationary bike. You’ll climb, sprint and sweat your way to the finish line.

Pedal n’ Pump (E)

This mix of cycling and sculpting will give you the best of both worlds, cardio and muscle!

REV Cycle (E)

This fun heart pounding class is structured by using the RPM monitors on the bikes to take you through a challenging class by setting the RPM on each stage of the class! (Offered at certain clubs)

Tour de France (A)

A cycle class designed after the 20 stage, 3600 km bike race through France. This ride will focus on mountain climbs, rough terrain and endurance.

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

1 Minute Solutions (E)

Sixty seconds of full out intensity. Challenge your body with cardio, strength, balance, and core moves. Thirty minutes – no equipment.

Ballast Ball (E)

Ballast Ball is a stability ball with a bit of sand in it. This makes for a unique ball class that combines strength/cardio/balance and functional training plus some good abdominal work!

Body Sculpt (E)

A good mix of upper and lower body exercises to strengthen and tone your whole body.

Boot Camp (E)

Be prepared to push the limits with this military style class.

Chiseled (E)

Intense strength training to target your arms, lots of upper body training with an assault on your biceps/triceps!

Core Insanity (E)

This class will utilize TRX/AG hammock and floor exercises to give you the ultimate abdominal challenge, the combination of the apparatus being used will take your core to a place you would have never thought possible!

Dumbbell Workout (E)

This class is all about dumbbells! A great conditioning workout while balancing your body!

Functional Training (E)

This class works on balance and strength training. It will help you with everyday living and sports conditioning to give your muscles a different but very challenging workout!

Innovative Interval (E)

With a non-stop combination of cardio and weights, get ready for a class that will push you to the max!

Intensity Plus (E)

Ready for a challenge? Sprints, burpees, jump squats…anything to challenge you physically will be part of this class.

Kettlebell Strength (I/A)

A total body strength workout incorporating Kettlebells. A slower pace but lots of sweating and muscle fatigue.

Military Muscle (E)

This class is held in a very controlled atmosphere so that the instructor can take you to new heights and help you get the results you’re looking for. Be prepared to work hard!

MMA Workout (E)

Come train like an MMA fighter! This intense style of training will have you crawling afterwards! Workout through circuits, partner work and individual challenges.

Muscles in Motion (E)

Low impact style class with light hand weights to add fuel to your metabolism fire!

Power Barbell (E)

Did you know that the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn, even at rest? Add fabulous, toned muscle to your physique using a combination of the barbell, dumbbells and bands.

Sculpting Circuit (E)

Total body conditioning combined with cardiovascular training in a circuit style class to create a sculpted, lean body.

Spartan Workout (E)

Raw intense training just like in the old days, straight forward power movements!


TRX training harnesses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you train. The TRX harness also allows you to easily adjust the level of difficulty for each exercise. It will build your core strength and flexibility.

TRX/Kettlebell Fusion (E)

This class will give your body a tough challenge with the combination of using TRX and kettle bell in an interval style progression, 2 very popular classes combined into 1 action packed hour!

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

Basic Pilates (B)

This class is for beginners or members that want a easier/slower paced pilates class.

Burn & Firm Pilates (E)

Muscle conditioning and Pilates mixed together, need we say more?

Hot Pilates (E)

Pilates answer to Hot Yoga, a pilates class done in a hot environment!

Pilates (E)

Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath & alignment of the spine as well as strengthen the deep torso.

Pilates Core Fusion (E)

Take the benefits of Pilates and inject intense core work to make this class a perfect fusion to attack your core!

Vertical Pilates (E)

Improve your balance and coordination in this standing application of pilates based conditioning.

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

30 Rock (E)

All the benefits of Rock Bottom but in 30 minutes!

Abs & Back (E)

A class solely focused on helping you obtain rock hard abs by using a variety of exercises to target your core muscle groups.

Abs Express (E)

30 Minutes long. Get in- hit them hard- and get out! It’s that simple.

Beginner Class (B)

A class designed for all beginners; combining cardio, muscle, stretching and tons of fun!

Drums Alive (E)

This unique class captures the essence of movement and rhythm utilizing drum sticks and resist-a-balls. The choreographies are designed to burn fat, improve physical and mental fitness and above all, be fun!

Rock Bottom (E)

Squat, lunge and pulse your way into a more defined lower body, then add a good dose of core work to finish off this fun and effective class.

Rear Attitude (E)

This class is all about the BOOTY, enough said!

Stability Ball (E)

A muscle conditioning class that will strengthen your entire body while focusing on balance, stability and core strength.

Stretch & Strength (E)

This class has a great balance of strength conditioning and stretching to help give you the long lean muscles you desire!

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

20-20-20 (E)

A class that gives you a bit of everything when you only have 60 minutes to get a sweat on. 20 minutes of step, muscle conditioning and abs & stretching.

Athletic Step (E)

A good paced basic step class with athletic/power moves and some muscle conditioning.

Basic Step (B)

A perfect place to start stepping. Learn the basics before taking on the fabulous world of intermediate and advanced step.

New Step City (I)

With a winning combination of music, choreography and ENERGY this intermediate step class will get everyone moving.

Reps & Steps (E)

Start off with a ½ hour of muscle then back it up with a ½ hour of step, just like the experts tell us: Muscle first – Cardio second!

Step Master (A+)

Are you a step master? Find out by taking on this challenging class that integrates advanced choreography with a fast pace.

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

Boxing (E)

Come learn boxing techniques while getting a great workout through drills and focus pad work.

Focus Pad Boxing (E)

Take your boxing experience to a different level that is both challenging and fun, you will be partnered up throughout the class utilizing focus pads to help with your striking ability while getting a great workout at the same time.

Interval Box (Kickboxing) (E)

Take out all your pent up aggression in this kickboxing style class using a heavy bag and gloves.

Tae Box (Cardio Boxing) (E)

With a perfect blend of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular training this class will firm and kick your butt at the same time.

Class availability may differ between locations.
B - Basic   B – Basic   |   E - Everybody   E – Everybody   |   I/A - Intermediate/Advanced   I/A – Intermediate/Advanced

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