We know that staying motivated and focused on your fitness goals can be a challenge. Likewise, figuring out what exercises and workouts will work best for you can seem a little daunting. That’s where our certified Personal Trainers come in. With their depth of health and fitness knowledge, our Personal Trainers can show you how to get the greatest results from every workout session, while ensuring that you avoid improper techniques and possible injury. Just as important as their professional expertise, our Personal Trainers are also great coaches and motivators who will provide plenty of support and encouragement, making your fitness time as enjoyable as it is sweaty. No matter what your specific fitness goals are, Personal Training will give you an incredible advantage in not only reaching them, but exceeding them.


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Think of our personal training as your very own personal school of health and fitness. Your personal trainer will show you everything you need to get where you want to be. You will learn what to do and how to do it, how to use your own body weight and how to get the most from our state-of-the-art equipment. Many of our clubs also include dedicated personal training studios. You will be amazed at how quickly you’ll start to see marked improvements in your level of stamina and strength.

It won’t always be easy but we promise you will never get bored with your workouts. Your personal trainer will teach you exciting and challenging new movements through a wide variety of intense yet safe exercises. You’ll look forward to coming in because it will never be the same old routine. Your personal trainer will spice up your workout and push you to your limits, all while ensuring that you’re using correct form and application of movement.

Fitness Expertise


With a Movati Personal Trainer by your side, it really couldn’t be simpler. Just show up ready to get active and give it your all, and we’ll lead the way. You’ll never need to wonder what you are going to do when you get to the club. In fact, you won’t have to think about anything – your personal trainer will have your session completely planned out for you. Of course, you’ll never be pushed to do something that you feel you’re not quite ready for just yet. Your personal trainer will always offer plenty of options and tailor your workout program to your individual tastes. After all, we want you to have a pleasant experience and come back.



True personal training goes far beyond providing expertise and instruction on proper exercise techniques. The way we see it, keeping you energized and excited mentally is just as important as what you do physically. To achieve true results, you really can’t have one without the other. Our Personal Trainers will keep you focused and reaching for your goals. They’ll get you out of your rut, work to change habits that might be holding you back from your true potential, and always keep you moving forward, one step at a time.

Motivation & Inspiration


Your Personal Trainer will be your partner throughout your fitness journey, even checking in with you between training sessions, calling you and reminding you about your next appointment, encouraging you to stay active everyday. We don’t want to nag you (okay, maybe just a little, but in a good way) we just want to make sure you show up because the only bad workout is the one that never happened! We know the hardest part can often simply be finding the energy to come in. But once you do come in, your personal trainer will make you glad you did.



Ultimately, we know you want to see definite and measurable results. That’s why we believe in true accountability. From the outset, your personal trainer will sit down with you and will establish personalized achievable goals, with clear progress markers and milestones. Our fitness programming is backed by objective scientific data, proven experience and is gauged with accurate metrics.

As you progress, every pound you lose will be charted, your body-mass index calculated, and every new breakthrough cataloged. Of course, accountability is a two-way street. Your personal trainer will be fully accountable to you and, in return, you will be accountable to them. Our passion is seeing you achieve your goals. You will never “go it alone”, but ultimately, you will get back only as much as you put in.



At Movati Athletic, you have the freedom to choose from fully private one-on-one sessions, semi-private (with a friend or training partner) or even small group training sessions that can help you stay motivated while also helping you stay within your budget.