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The Athletic Club is now Movati Athletic. Same caring people. Exciting new identity. Find out more here.

Our philosophy

As soon as you step inside one of our clubs, we want you to feel welcome whatever your ability or level of fitness. We work hard to create an unintimidating environment where you will feel comfortable, keeping you motivated towards achieving your health and fitness goals. All of this adds up to a fitness experience that is focused on only one thing: making sure you feel healthy.

Feel welcome

You'll notice that we smile a lot at Movati Athletic. That's not just because we're really happy, it's because we know how important the little things are – like a smile when you walk into the club – when it comes to making you feel welcome. This is essential for us. If you don't feel welcome, then you won't feel motivated to continue your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Feel healthy

Our Movati Athletic team is on hand to do whatever it takes to set you on a sustainable path toward well-being. This means listening to you and your body to develop an individual fitness plan that is going to work. And that means focusing on more than just your fitness. It means looking at ways to help you improve your nutrition, your work/life balance and reduce any stress that may be hindering your overall health. We're much more than just a place to get sweaty. We want you to feel healthy.

Feel comfortable

This has been part of our philosophy since we started way back in 1997. If you don't feel comfortable, then you're not going to achieve your health and fitness goals. It's as simple as that. We've designed every one of our clubs to be spacious, calm, friendly environments where everyone feels comfortable. And our staff is here to ensure you don't feel intimidated or get discouraged by your personal fitness plan. At Movati Athletic, we want to create a fitness experience that you'll look forward to every day.

The Movati Athletic story

Our story begins in September 1997 with the establishment of our very first health club. Right from the very beginning, we knew we wanted to create a fitness experience that went beyond just working out. We wanted to create a place where real people felt at home. Where they would receive expert advice in a caring atmosphere and ultimately be able to push themselves to achieve things they never thought possible.

What began as one club has now grown to 11, with more on the way. We continue to hire exceptional, caring people, adding to our family of Movati Athletic employees currently working hard to ensure you always feel welcome, comfortable and healthy.

Our clubs are spacious, modern environments where no corner has been cut in our quest to offer our members the best facilities.

We work so hard because we truly believe in what we do. Every day we are helping our members improve their quality of life, little by little, step by step, pound by pound. We love seeing them change their lives in such wonderful, positive ways, and it's this that drives us forward, motivating us to keep providing the highest levels of service, courtesy and care for all our members.

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