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Movati Athletic introduction

Our philosophy

We've always believed that a health club should be a place that makes people feel better, not just after their workout, but from the moment they walk in the door. Our mission at Movati Athletic is to consistently deliver an experience that makes our members feel welcome, feel comfortable and feel healthy. That means no false promises or unrealistic expectations. We work hard to identify achievable health and fitness goals for every member and to create a realistic, personalized plan that will get them there. Movati Athletic is passionately committed to maximizing your well-being – at an affordable price.

Feel welcome

We like to describe Movati Athletic as a well-being club. From our female-only fitness floors to our spa-like changing rooms, we work hard to ensure our members always feel welcome.

Feel healthy

Our focus is on your overall health, not just on how much you can bench-press. Fitness goals are important, but so is eating a balanced diet and reducing stress.

Feel comfortable

When we first started, we looked at everything we didn't like about fitness clubs and decided to fix it. Like their intimidating atmosphere. We want all our members to feel comfortable and cared for.

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Working out should be enjoyable. And that means trying new activities that challenge you to push your personal limits and to achieve things you never thought you could. Whether it's Anti-Gravity Yoga, TRX training, indoor cycling or pool exercises, if it's a fun way to get fit, then you'll find it at Movati Athletic.

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Our Clubs

Every one of our clubs has been designed and built with our members' comfort in mind. No quick fixes. No cutting corners. From the boutique fitness studios to the refreshing pools to the Sky Studio to the private changing rooms, we sweat the details so you can work up a sweat in comfort.

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Movati Membership

Your well-being starts here. Become a member today and discover what it means to be a part of the Movati Athletic family.

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